The following testimonials are from some of the biggest names in dentistry and continuing education. You can rest assured your meeting will have a great turnout when these powerful testimonials are used on your seminar marketing materials!

 It is difficult to keep a group of dentists or clinicians awake and completely glued to a presentation Mike, and you did it!

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

“Dr. Michael DiTolla’s commitment to excellence, both in clinical treatment and service to his patients, is obvious right from the start. His sense of humor and quick wit will enthuse and entertain you while you learn that there truly is life after managed care, and that compromise is a four-letter word.”

David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD

As the enclosed evaluations show, your course received excellent reviews. You were a first-rate addition to our fall program!

Vangel R. Zissi, DMD, Director,
School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University

Dr. Michael DiTolla has a message every dentist needs to hear. The fact that his presentation style is so entertaining only makes it better. And as a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry, he is one of the best, most up to date cosmetic dentists in the country. Don’t miss this presentation!

William G. Dickerson, DDS, FAACD

When this Dental Maniac runs out of ideas, inspiration, or I need a fresh idea on an old problem, I get my inspiration from Dr. Mike DiTolla. I’ve spent more days in his office than I have at the Pankey Institute. He’s my favorite speaker, and his DVD’s are a must see for any office!

Howard E. Farran, DDS, MBA, MAGD

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